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Home PDA Batteries PALMONE is a major distributor pda batteries which supplies a lot of palmone pda batteries. All of our palmone pda batteries are 100% compatible with the OEM palmone PDA devices and of full one year warranty,30-day money back. We have a great service department and provide fast shipping for the palmone pda batteries. Buy now and enjoy a 35% off ! PLS press "Ctrl+F" to find the pda batteries battery you need.

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Why my palmone PDA battery has a short life?
  1. Maybe the palmone battery you chosen is not compatible very well with your machine.
  2. You should change your palmone PDA battery before it is used up.
  3. New replacement battery palmone usually has a lower or no electricity,so ensure that fully charge your palmone battery before use.

Shipping for palmone PDA battery

(For the continental USA) Our postage rates include the expenses of shipping, handling fees and the cost of high quality packaging, which are charged based on weight and size of the goods, delivery destination and its retail value, CLICK HERE to see the shipping details.

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