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Looking for magitronic laptop battery? You've come to the right provides replacement magitronic batteries for most every magitronic model on the market. Each of our magitronic laptop batteries must pass stringent quality control tests that ensure they will work with your laptop computer. Choose a laptop model from the list below to match your magitronic battery.

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Helpful tips & articles for Magitronic laptop batteries

Magitronic Laptop Batteries Tricks & Tips

Magitronic Laptop Battery with a chemistry type of Li-ion,the best?
Know about your Magitronic Laptop Battery
Magitronic Laptop Battery Usage Tips

Magitronic Laptop Batteries Tricks & Tips

Know about your Magitronic Laptop Battery
Magitronic laptop latteries have many parameters on them.Color,Dimension and Net Weight describe the characteristics of your Magitronic battery and give you some description on the battery's appearance.You also can see the parameter named Chemistry that shows you what typs of electrochemical cell is used in your Magitronic laptop battery,typically,that is a li-ion ones.In addition to parameters above,some manufactures often list an amount of "cells",where each cell has a certain capacity,thus a 9 cell has 50% more capacity than an equal model 6-cell battery.Typically,Magitronic laptop batteries have rates of Voltage(V) and Milliamperes(mAh),which,if multiplied together, give you milliwatt hours.For example:

10.8V , 4000mAh
10.8 x 4000 = 43200 Milliwatt Hours = 43.2 Watt Hours

One watt-hour is the amount of electrical energy equivalent to a one-watt load drawing power for one hour.Thus a Magitronic laptop battery can power 43.2 watts for a hour.If your laptop computer runs at 20.0 watts,an laptop battery with 43.3 Watt Hours could power your laptop for 2.16 hours.Typically,bigger, heavier batteries will give you a higher watt-hour rating and longer run time.

Magitronic Laptop Battery Usage Tips
Set screen saver blank for 1 to 2 minutes of your notebook computer to reduce the power consumption from your laptop battery;
Fully discharge and then fully charge your laptop battery every two to three weeks to get a longer battery life.

Why my magitronic battery has a short life?
  1. Maybe the Magitronic battery you chosen is not compatible very well with your laptop.
  2. Not using Magitronic battery safely can also cut the battery life.
  3. New Magitronic rechargeable battery usually has lower or no electricity,so ensure that charge and discharge your Magitronic battery three times before use.
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