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Home Flickering LED candles

Cheap 12 LEDs Flickering Tea Light Candles

12 Leds flickering tea light candle

Led flickering tealight candle

Led flickering tealight candle

Led flickering tealight candle Features:

  1. Ask question about 12 Leds flickering tea light candle
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12 LEDs Flickering Tea Light Candles Description:

About Flickering LED Candles
  1. This item uses 1 x CR2016 Battery;
  2. This LED tealight candle provides 25 to 48 hours of continuous use on a single battery and has an On/off switch on the bottom!
  3. High quality and low price with LED tealight candle
  4. Fast delivery on order of 12 LEDs flickering tealight candle.
  5. This LED tealight candle comes with full 1 year warranty and 30 days monday back!

Help Center

We might be able to help! If you can't find a LED tealight candle here or have questions about 12-LED flickering tea light candle,please feel to contact us.You can reach us in two easy ways:
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