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Home Digital Camera Batteries Sanyo Batteries provides Sanyo Digital Camera Battery for most every Sanyo camera models on the market. All of our sanyo digital camera batteries are fully compatible with the OEM sanyo batteries and come with full one year warranty,30 days money back. It's easy to buy a sanyo digital camera battery from our stock.Simply click a camera model from the list below to match your sanyo battery.Ready? Buy now and gain a 35% off on sanyo battery!

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Helpful tips & articles for Sanyo digital camera batteries

Sanyo Digital Camera Batteries Tricks & Tips

What type of battery chemistry should I choose for my digital camera?
Sanyo Digital Camera Battery usage tips

Sanyo Digital Camera Batteries Tricks & Tips

What type of battery chemistry should I choose for my digital camera?
Sanyo digital camera batteries come in many chemistries and all capacities.And prices of Sanyo batteries vary from one to another.NiCd,Ni-MH and Lithium ion (Li-ion) battery are some typical rechargeable batteries on the market.Nowadays,Li-ion batteries are commonly used in consumer electronics since lithium ion batteries have some advanced features that are good for battery's performance. When select a battery for digital camera,li-ion battery is an ideal choice for your Sanyo camera device.

Sanyo Digital Camera Battery usage tips
New rechargeable Sanyo batteries need to be fully charged and discharged a few times before they can condition to full capacity.If the your Sanyo battery will not in use for a long period,detach it from your digital camera. Keep in mind that the battery is stored in a cool,clean,dry place.

Why my sanyo battery has a short life?
  1. Maybe the Sanyo battery you chosen is not compatible very well with your machine.
  2. Not using Sanyo battery safely can also cut the battery life.
  3. New Sanyo rechargeable battery usually has lower or no electricity,so ensure that charge and discharge your Sanyo battery three times before use.
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